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Your Style Journey Starts Here!

with Style Essentials

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Kim Keeton
Founder of Kstylesyou LLC

I’m a Style-ologist. Name brands or Not, it don't matter the costs.  I make it look Good, But you’re the Boss.

Business, Birthday, Casual, or Special Event. When you choose Me, it’s money well spent.

I’m here to provide a service. It’s my Gift… accompanied with a Degree.

It’s my honor to serve you, it’s a Blessing to me.

If the budget is small, I will still make you Smile.

I don’t sew, hem, or tailor. I STYLE.

I know my clients will increase over time.

Educators, Authors, Doctors, Preachers, & Lawyers

I will do this for a Lifetime because the Pleasure is Mine!

If you have the budget, I have the time. My sole purpose is to make YOU shine.

Do you need a stylist?

Have you ever gotten frustrated trying to decide what to wear? You could probably find something if your closet was organized, but you don’t have the time.

Does the thought of shopping stress you out? Perhaps you’d love a new wardrobe, but you’re always busy because Life keeps Life-ing.

Have you ever considered hiring a stylist but you're not sure what they do?  Did you talk yourself out of it because you think they’re too expensive?

All the above suggests that you definitely need a stylist! LOL.  Life is hard enough without the added stress of dealing with things out of your lane. This is why you should consider hiring a style expert. Here are some benefits:

The Benefits of Hiring a Stylist

Why you need Style Essentials

The secret to a timeless wardrobe lies in prioritizing basics over trends. Basics are the most important items in your closet, the versatile pieces that withstand the test of time. Whether you're a lady or a gentleman, certain staple items are essential for building a foundation that allows for endless style possibilities.

Ladies, think solid color T-shirts, jeans, quality shoes, and essential accessories. Gentlemen, invest in quality suits, timeless shirts, and shoes that transcend passing fads. Building a wardrobe based on timeless basics ensures that you'll always have something stylish to wear, regardless of what's trending in fashion and pop culture. 

Remember, trends come and go, but your style should be an everlasting reflection of your personality and confidence.


Yes! Send my Essentials list now.

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